Curating Cultural Excellence

Gold Sponsors

Brands and Companies Contributing to Lotus Festival Gold Elegance:
Curating Cultural Excellence, Unveiling Their Legacy
Farshchian Art Foundation
The Farshchian Art foundation’s objective is to preserve the legacy of Farshchian’s artwork. Ostad Farshchian dedicates his works to ALL those imbued with the spirt of compassion in our global community.
ABA Toolbox
ABA Toolbox is a comprehensive practice management software system for agencies, schools, and private ABA practices that provide services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Vernacular Development
Vernacular Group, established in 1998 in beautiful British Columbia, stands as a reputable organization with a strong foothold in the realm of residential design and development management.
Norm Lum
Norm Lum's journey from family supermarket work to top real estate agent showcases resilience and dedication. Trust his expertise for your property needs. We are delighted to have Norm Lum's support.
Millennium Development
Millennium Development: Innovating real estate. Gold Sponsor. Connect at millenniumdevelopment.com for buyers and sellers in the real estate market.
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Persisca University
Explore transformative learning at Persisca University, merging tech and entrepreneurship. Thrive with our courses, unlocking limitless possibilities in today's dynamic tech-driven world.