Members of Jury

Meet Our Esteemed Jury: Champions of Art and Women’s Empowerment

At the heart of our festival lies a panel of remarkable individuals who are not only masters in the realm of art but also ardent advocates for women’s rights and empowerment. Our esteemed jury members are more than just connoisseurs of creativity; they are champions of change, using their talents and platforms to make a profound impact.Each member of our jury brings a wealth of expertise and experience in their respective artistic domains, whether it’s filmmaking, visual arts, music, or more.

Their artistic journeys have left indelible marks on the canvas of creativity, and their work has graced international stages, earning them accolades and admiration.Beyond their artistry, what truly sets our jury members apart is their unwavering commitment to women’s causes. They have dedicated their time, influence, and voices to advance gender equality, celebrate the resilience of women, and promote respect for women’s rights worldwide.

Their actions speak volumes, and their passion for change is a source of inspiration for us all.As we celebrate the convergence of art and advocacy at our festival, we invite you to get to know these exceptional individuals, whose remarkable talents and unwavering dedication make our festival a platform where art not only thrives but also becomes a catalyst for positive change. Join us in honoring these champions of art and women’s empowerment.