In production

Exciting news! While our awards are currently in production, we have a wealth of thrilling information to share with you soon. Stay tuned for updates on this upcoming highlight of the Lotus International Arts Festival!

A Legacy of Excellence:

Through the ages The Lotus, known for its ability to rise gracefully from the depths of murky waters to the surface, has long been revered as a representation of the human spirit’s capacity to overcome challenges and obstacles, much like the journey of artists who persevere in their creative pursuits.
The Originality of the Award

Authentic Recognition: The Lotus Award

When we award our festival’s winners with a Lotus, we’re not just acknowledging their artistic prowess; we’re honoring their dedication and commitment to their craft. Each Lotus award is a testament to the artist’s ability to transform their creative vision into a masterpiece that resonates with audiences.

The Lotus, and Certificate;

In addition to the Lotus award, our winners receive a certificate, a tangible testament to their achievement.

This certificate not only recognizes their excellence but also signifies their place in a vibrant, global artistic community that shares their passion for celebrating women’s resilience, equality, freedom, and respect through the power of art.