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Main Ceremonies 

Come celebrate with us at the Lotus International Arts Festival Ceremonies Page, where artistic excellence takes center stage and memorable moments unfold in the spirit of creativity and community.
December 5, 2023
An intimate affair at Gastronomy Gastown Restaurant, where approximately 40 attendees will engage in mingling, networking, and share brief introductions, setting the tone for the Lotus Festival.

Vancouver, BC
April 7, 2024
Awards Ceremony
Step onto the red carpet and into the grandeur of a Golden Globe-inspired event. With a glamorous atmosphere and a captivating stage, the Big Gala promises an evening of excitement and celebration.
Location: Kay Meek Center
West Vancouver, BC
May 11, 2024
Join us at the Vancouver Club for the Summit in May, an event combining a sophisticated exhibition and potential speaking engagements. Explore thought-provoking discussions!
Location: Vancouver Club
Vancouver, BC

Screening Cinema at The Cinematheque

Date: April 28, 2024
Location: The Cinematheque, Vancouver, BC

Immerse in the cinematic world at The Cinematheque as attendees enjoy participant movies. The event includes a captivating slideshow featuring photos, paintings, and multimedia content, creating a visual feast for cinema enthusiasts.
Network! Learn! Connect!

Other networking events through the festival

December 8, 2024: In-house Gathering Celebrating the Opening
February 28, 2024: Gathering of Artists
And adding more!