L.I.A.F.: Photography

LIAF Art Entry: Photography

Framing Resilience, and Triumph: Photography at L.I.A.F. 2024
When Women Rise

In the vibrant realm of artistic expression, the Photography category of our Art Festival beckons enthusiasts to showcase their visual narratives.

Entries Ended on

March 8, 2024

Guideline, Rules, Regulations, and Suggestions

This esteemed category promises recognition to those who capture moments with finesse and creativity. The awards in contention include the coveted Lotus trophy for the best singles and the equally prestigious Lotus trophy for the best series, limited to five compelling photos.

    • Each submission should boast a concise title that encapsulates the essence of the photograph.
    • If applicable, a copyright notice must be included to acknowledge the artist’s intellectual property.
    • Submitted images must be in PNG or JPEG format and maintain high resolution.
    • No RAW or TIFF images will be accepted, and file sizes should not exceed 10 megapixels.
    • The photo’s dimensions must be a minimum of 1,600 pixels wide or tall, depending on its orientation.
    • Each image should be appropriately identified, dated, and include camera-recorded metadata.
    • Photos must not violate the rights of others, including privacy, publicity, or intellectual property rights.
    • Avoid promoting brand names or trademarks within the submitted photographs.
    • All entries must be the original work of the contestant, free from third-party ownership or control.
    • The submitted photo must be a single work of original material, devoid of copyright infringement.
    • No alterations are permitted, ensuring the photo remains in its authentic state.
    • Images must not be sourced from the internet or other external origins.
    • All submissions must be high-resolution digital images.
    • Photos may be black & white or color, in JPEG, PDF, or PNG formats.
    Limited image enhancement is allowed, restricted to minor adjustments such as contrast, exposure, cropping, dodge, and burn.
Please note that digital photos will not be returned. As we celebrate the boundless creativity of our participants, we look forward to a captivating array of submissions that reflect the spirit of originality and innovation in the world of photography.
May your lens capture the extraordinary, and may your art find its place among the stars.