Lotus International Arts Festival
When Women Rise - 2024

Celebrating Women’s Resilience In Pursuit of Equality, Freedom, and Respect
International Convergence
Global Gathering: Participants, Jury, and Sponsors from Around the World!
Regardless of your location, you can be a part of the Lotus International Arts Festival from any corner of the world. Whether you're an artist, a jury member, or a sponsor, your global participation enriches our celebration of creativity.
Meet THE Jury
Meet our esteemed jury members, masters of their craft and champions of women’s empowerment.
Lotus Award

Explore our prestigious Lotus awards, a symbol of over 2500 years of history, representing purity, resilience, and enlightenment.

Be A Part of Us

Become a part of Lotus International Arts Festival by joining us in different ways!
Seeking vibrant sponsors eager to support the arts, our festival offers unique branding opportunities amid a diverse audience, fostering community engagement and cultural enrichment. See More!
Join our passionate team as a volunteer and be the heartbeat of the festival—your commitment ensures seamless operations and contributes to a vibrant celebration of creativity.
Artists, creators, and visionaries, your masterpiece deserves the spotlight! Showcase your talent at our festival, where diverse expressions intertwine, creating an immersive experience for all.

Get Started!

Join a creative adventure celebrating women’s resilience, equality, freedom, and respect. From submission to the grand Awards Ceremony, experience art as a catalyst for positive change.
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